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My Third Breed

TropicanaDue to the many reports of the Mandalong Specials doing well under hard conditions in North Queensland, their unsurpassed fertility and the most sought after type of their progeny from Brahman crosses, I decided to launch the Tropicana breed on September 9, 1989.  A cross between Mandalong Specials and Red Brahman, much to my surprise the 1st cross (F1) females joined to 1st cross (F1) bulls, are producing better second crosses than the 1st cross, as you will notice in the picture.

A Tropicana is produced by crossing a female red Brahman to a Mandalong Specials bull or visa-vera.

The composition as follows:

  • 31.25% Euro
  • 9.375% British
  • 59.375% Bos Indicus

The purpose of producing this pure bred breed is to enhance the Brahman breed. We feel using Tropicana:

  • Increases weight for age
  • Improves milk production
  • Increases fertility in the cows – a calf every year and a calf that suits the markets as a milktooth
  • Reduces tick and fly set-backs (achieved through high Bos Indicus %)
  • Reduces bloat of cattle on high legume pastures (achieved through high Bos Indicus %)
  • Weight for age increases

Some cattlemen in Australia feel high Bos Indicus content cattle are the only way to go, so this breed compliments this line of thinking.