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Square Meaters

My Second Breed

Square MeatersAfter the 2nd World War, the Americans decided to go for compact cattle. The results – they got too small. With the introduction of continental cattle, cattle spread around the world, with long legs and very slow maturing. I learnt from customers demand at my two butcher shops what the housewife was looking for, a smaller cut and tender quality.

I began to wonder how to put together a breed to suit this niche market. In 1993 I decided that only through selection with the Murray Gray I could produce the carcase the local market wanted. I developed the Square Meaters with key traits such as:

  • Compact size for more beef per hectare
  • Superior muscling providing high yielding carcass with excellent commercial appeal
  • Early maturing reaching domestic, restaurant and butcher trade weights at 9-13 months off grass
  • Efficient feed conversion enabling higher stocking rates
  • Highly fertile calving at 2 years of age with shorter joining period
  • Optimal milk production, higher weaning weights
  • Excellent temperament equals low stress handling and tender meat