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My Involvement in the Cattle Industry

Poll Shorthorns

Mandalong Super Flag (P) created history becoming the first foreign bull ever to win the Grand Champion Shorthorn and Poll Shorthorn Bull awarded at the National Western Livestock Show in Denver, Colorado, US.I started breeding Poll Shorthorns in 1961 and dispersed in 1975 – showing the first bull Mandalong Prince (P) in 1964. Among the main success were:

  • 5 Grand Champion bulls in the last 6 years of showing at the Sydney Royal Easter Show
  • 3 Grand Champion bulls at the Brisbane National Exhibition
  • 4 Poll Shorthorn Champion steers at the Sydney Royal Easter Show
  • Female Progeny Groups and many other championships.

On 9 consecutive occasions Mandalong Poll Shorthorn bulls at show and sales topped the market. The record for the highest price for a Poll Shorthorn was broken 3 times, $30,000 for Mandalong Super Elephant (P). Mandalong Super Elephant (P) also created history for being the heaviest beef bull ever to be shown at a Sydney Royal Easter Show with a weight of 2735lbs (1240kg). Perhaps the greatest successes go to Mandalong Super Flag (P) sold to Dr. G. Carter of Alberta, Canada at 8 months of age for the record price of the time of $23,793 in 1971. As a2 year old, he was shown at the greatest USA cattle show, The National Western Stock Show, Denver, Colorado. He was awarded the Supreme Shorthorn (polled & horned) Championship, creating history for the first foreign bred bull, including Canada that had ever been awarded such a sash. Further honours due to Flag, when his progeny Crestdale Superflag, after being awarded the Grand Championship was sold for a world record for a Shorthorn bull of $41,500. (Full details in my book)


The first Charolais Association in Australia was formed in June 1968 with the charter members of the committee consisting of myself, Mr. Lyle Davis (NSW), Mr. Bruce Starritt (Vic). The first Charolais sale in Australasia was held on 6th June, 1970 at Mandalong Park with cattle from New Zealand. Sales continued annually at Mandalong Park for years after with great success.

The Charolais champion pair exhibited at the Sydney Royal Easter Show by Rick Pisaturo, Mandalong Studs, won the prestigious Interbreed Hordern Trophy in 1989. Mandalong Studs also won the Inaugural Interbreed Hordern Trophy in 1980.My Charolais bull, Mandalong Fabian I bred in New Zealand was the first pure bred bull to enter Australia in 1971 and sold to Mr. John Sullivan (QLD). In order to break the resistance of the Queensland commercial breeders buying Charolais bulls, I gave 7 bulls away and this was a great success years later.

White Valley Hamish, the bull I purchased from New Zealand topped the Canadian evaluation program “Conception to Consumer” 100% unassisted calving and the calves were top weight of the 16 bulls in the program. As the Russians were having 80% calving difficulties purchased a lot of Hamish semen, and there too no more calving difficulties.

Mandalong Chock (S) was eventually sold to an Australian syndicate for $165,000. Unfortunately he tested positive with Ephemeral fever, otherwise he would have gone to the USA for twice that price.

Mandalong has only shown the Charolais at the Sydney Royal Easter Show (except for a few small shows around Sydney).  Despite the fact that Mandalong has not exhibited at every Royal Show in Sydney since White Valley Hamish was Grand Champion in 1974, and up to 1991 the Stud has exhibited:

  • 10 Grand Champion Bulls
  • 6 Junior Champion Bulls
  • 7 Senior Champion Bulls
  • 4 Grand Champion Cows
  • 4 Junior Champion Heifers
  • 4 Senior Champion Females
  • 9 Sire Progeny Groups
  • 2 Sydney Royal Show Interbreed Hordern Trophies:
  • 1980 Inaugural Hordern Trophy with Mandalong Lad and Mandalong Jessica 2nd
  • 1989 with Mandalong Eden and Mandalong Friesia B19D

Mandalong Studs shares the record for winning this most prestigious trophy twice (both champiuon bull and female) with Yarrawonga – Waco Santa Gertrudis Stud owner, Mr. Alistair Bassingthwaighte. (Full details in my book)


I also formed the first Chianina Association of Australia, incorporating Romagnola and Marchigiana cattle in 1972. I imported the first Chianina semen from Canada in 1973 and had some successful sales at Mandalong Park. I was the Chianina Association of Australia’s first president and carried on for 9 years and chaired the World Chianina Convention in Florence in 1978 with delegates from 9 countries. (Full details in my book)