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My Involvement in the Cattle Industry

Poll Shorthorns I started breeding Poll Shorthorns in 1961 and dispersed in 1975 – showing the first bull Mandalong Prince (P) in 1964. Among the main success were: 5 Grand Champion bulls in the last 6 years of showing at the Sydney Royal Easter Show 3 Grand Champion bulls at the Brisbane National Exhibition 4 Poll Shorthorn Champion steers at the Sydney Royal Easter Show Female Progeny Groups ...

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Mandalong Specials

My First Breed After experiencing a great improvement with crosses, I decided to stabilize 5 breeds with various attributes, for instance: Brahman blood lines to produce a small calf and a hardy beast, Shorthorn blood to produce a carcase that with the infusion of Charolais blood resulted in a well-balanced carcase (adequate fat cover and muscle), British Whites being a dual purpose breed, would introduce ...

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Square Meaters

My Second Breed After the 2nd World War, the Americans decided to go for compact cattle. The results – they got too small. With the introduction of continental cattle, cattle spread around the world, with long legs and very slow maturing. I learnt from customers demand at my two butcher shops what the housewife was looking for, a smaller cut and tender quality. I began to wonder how to put together ...

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My Third Breed Due to the many reports of the Mandalong Specials doing well under hard conditions in North Queensland, their unsurpassed fertility and the most sought after type of their progeny from Brahman crosses, I decided to launch the Tropicana breed on September 9, 1989.  A cross between Mandalong Specials and Red Brahman, much to my surprise the 1st cross (F1) females joined to 1st cross (F1) ...

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