Australia, My Love

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Australia, My Love

Preview Chapter 1 from Australia, My LoveThe inspirational life story of this high achiever in a multitude of endeavours is captured with vibrant clarity in his epic book, Australia, My Love.

The book spans an amazing spectrum of mixed emotions, of fear, frustration, joy, determination, humility, longing and love, the latter word describing Rick’s total commitment to his chosen country, a land to which he first came as a prisoner of war.

Rick’s story describes the horrors of his first internment camp where unfriendly and often drunk guards added to the fear and misery, then the relief of being shipped along with other POW’s on the former cunard luxury liner Queen Mary to Australia, the far more agreeable conditions in Australian prison camps and then the enormous relief of being allocated as workers on Australian farms.

The most remarkeable element of his fascinating story is the absence of bitterness and rancour where it may well have been justified. His monumental achievements are told with humility, wit and the best form of passion – that which harnesses a dream and moulds it to reality.


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