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The Story

Rick was born in Italy on 24th April, 1922. At the age of 17 he enrolled in the Italian Army and was sent to Libya. In 1941 he was captured by the Allied Forces in Benghazi and sent to Australia.

After 3 ½ years in a concentration camp, he volunteered to go and work on a farm and for 18 months he worked for Mr. & Mrs. R. Badgery at “Wongonbra”, Sutton Forest, N.S.W.

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Rick Pisaturo - Mandalong Studs Beef Cattle Breeding


The three breeds I developed

Mandalong Studs Beef Cattle Breeding - Mandalong Specials

Mandalong Specials

After experiencing a great improvement with crosses, I decided to stabilize 5 beef cattle breeds with various attributes, hence the Mandalong Specials.

Steers have shown great carcasses and super yields.

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Mandalong Studs Beef Cattle Breeding - Square Meaters

Square Meaters

After the 2nd World War, the Americans decided to go for compact beef cattle breeds.

The results – they got too small.

With the introduction of continental cattle, cattle spread around the world, with long legs and very slow maturing.

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Mandalong Studs Beef Cattle Breeding - Tropicana


Due to the many reports of the Mandalong Specials cattle breed doing well under hard conditions in North Queensland, their unsurpassed fertility and the most sought after type of their progeny from Brahman crosses, I decided to launch the Tropicana beef cattle breed on September 9, 1989.

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